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When you found out you were expecting, how did you tell the grandmother-to-be? If you’re the grandmother, how did you find out? Did you see an ultrasound image? Was there a big announcement? Or did this book share the big news? What happened when you found out?

If you’ve got a memorable story to share, we’d love to hear it – whether it was the first grandchild or the twentieth. Just head on over to our Facebook page and post it there (you can see what others have written on Facebook as well). And join the distinguished group of women who share the bond of grandmotherhood.

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What Deborah is up to:

Besides trying to be the best Mom she can be, Deborah Zupancic is a wife, entrepreneur, parent advocate, writer/blogger, author, and speaker. Deborah is busy creating and working on projects related to parenting, children and family issues. Here’s what she’s working on now:

Parenting Renewed - As a society we have become far too interested in creating happy children today, rather than instilling the principles and values that will make them successful adults tomorrow. Deborah believes we can have both. Visit Deborah's parenting site (

The Feather Book - When Deborah lost her grandmother, she asked …(read more)

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